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University of Vermont: Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program Review

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This post baccalaureate program is located in Burlington, VT 05401, and you can visit them on the web.

To be considered for acceptance here, you must Show evidence of a minimum undergraduate overall GPA to achieve admission:3.2. This is a Formal/Structured program designed to help you get acceptance to medical school and other health professional schools. This program may be especially attractive to Career-changers as they have many resources geared toward their needs, but many students can find much to be happy about here in VT.

The program enrolls ~51-100 students each year, of which some 16-25 applied to med school in the prior year and some 16-25 were accepted.

You can enroll On a full-time OR part time basis and classes may be taken For undergraduate OR graduate credit. Classes are offered Both during the day and in the evening.

The University of Vermont: Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program has a minimum time of enrollment of 12 months and a maximum enrollment time of 36 months. Most students stay here about 18 months on average.

A few post bacc programs have what are called linkage programs with assorted medical schools. The program’s information talks a little about its linkage programs with other schools, though be sure to read all the fine print since some of these have conditions that might be difficult to meet.

University of Vermont College of Medicine University of Vermont College of Nursing & Health Sciences University of New England Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Franklin Pierce University

Remember, nothing is certain until you have an acceptance contract in writing.

While no post bac programs come inexpensive, for many they can be a great value and help build a successful career. Tuition is paid here $15,001 – 25,000 yearly, or you can figure it hourly.

Federal financial aid for post baccalaureate study is tricky and depends on a number of factors. Aid available for students here includes 12500 federal, state aid, 4000 institutional aid, and private aid. Remember that aid amounts are subject to many variables, so please contact the program personally for up to date numbers.

If you want to get more information about this pre med program, their contact person is Weston Shepherd, You can also reach them by telephone at 800-639-3210.

So what do you think about this program? Whether you’re a current or former student, or a friend or family member of one, please rate this program below and share your own experiences and opinions. Your sharing could make a big difference for someone else starting down the same road

If you’re a representative of this program and would like to add or amend anything in this review, please email me at from your official email address and I’ll change it as soon as possible. Prospective students would love to hear directly from you, so please share as much as you would like.

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